Friday, May 8, 2015

Streampunk Chest

Happy Friday! I hope you are all well and have some great plans for this weekend. What I have for you today is what I call my yearly steampunk project! On the top, I used the medium dressform from the Dressform and Wings Shape Set. The set come with three different sizes!  By the bottom of the dressform is one of the clock hands from the Clock Hands Shapes Set. The Heart with Gears is coming soon to the store. You can substitute with one of the hearts from the Steampunk Hearts set.

The drawers have one of the plates from the keys and plates set, several gears, and gears that were part of the Steampunk Frame.  Below you can see the smallest size dressform and wings!

This air balloon was part of the Steampunk Frame with the gear on the left added from the Gears Shape Set.

On this side,  you can see I attached part of the Texture Plate - Gears to it.

This is a close-up. I applied different colors of inks to the raw chipboard. In the picture below, you can see that I used the same texture sheet with texture paste. Once the texture paste was dry, I applied different purple inks over the top of it.

There are several different texture sheets in Gina's Store. Stop by and check them out!

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If you are not already a member of Gina's Designs Craft Group on Facebook, get over there and join! We will be announcing other fun birthday activities there!

Have a great day!


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Heart of Gears (Coming Soon!!) - you could substitute with Steampunk Hearts


  1. This is very cool, but I can't tell who made it!

  2. LOL My bad! I made it! I will have to go back and fix the ink! :) Thanks, Donna!