Monday, May 25, 2015

Let It Rain by Barb Black

I live in the Pacific NW, a place where it doesn't rain nearly as much as most people think it does. But when it does rain, it's often a day-long drizzle. I don't mind. The relative gloom is good for my creative... um... genius. Plus, it keeps all the flora here a glorious vibrant green. In short, rain kind of makes me happy, so I didn't have to reach far to find inspiration for this week's post.

I selected the umbrella from the Sweet Summer Shape Set. That's one of the cool things about the sets from Gina's Designs. You get all kinds of bits and pieces and lots of possibilities for lots of different projects. I used one piece from the set for this project, and I've still got two dozen more from that set that I can play with!

I began by tracing a light outline around the umbrella. I also traced it on a piece of scrap cardstock to use as a mask so I wouldn't end up with raindrop splatter all over the bright part. I "made it rain" by liberally spraying my sheet of watercolor paper with water, and then with a very wet brush, blobbed blues and purples all over. To make the little rain dots, I used an old toothbrush soaked in water and then scrubbed across blue watercolor paint. I simply flicked the bristles with my finger and let the drops fly and land wherever they wanted to.

I drew and outline of the girl and painted her in with watercolors. Then, dipping my brush in yellows, oranges, and pinks, I blobbed pretty colors everywhere I wanted "liquid sunshine".
For the umbrella, I began by giving it a coat of white gesso.
Then, using a stencil, I sponged ink all over it.
To finish the umbrella and give it some bling, I added gold acrylic paint to the handle and top. I also sponged some yellow ink onto the main part and then gave it a coat of gloss gel to make it look shiny and wet.

Once the umbrella and my painting had fully dried, I simply glued on the umbrella and my project was complete. Not bad for some rainy afternoon fun, huh?

Gina's Designs Products Used

Other Products Used
Watercolor paint
Radiant Neon ink pad
Acrylic Paint
Stencil Girl Stencil
Paint brushes and sponges
Acrylic Gel Medium


  1. This is so cute and imaginative! Love it!!

  2. Thanks, Ms. RubberMoon!!! I love her so much, I just might keep her.