Monday, April 29, 2013

Bag - a - Whats?

Today we are introducing a new item in the store.  We chose to name them "Bagatelle Boxes" for several reasons.  My husband uses the word bagatelle in everyday conversation (oh yes, he really does), and it is kind of a fun word.  Then there is the definition of the word:  bagatelle - 1630s, "a trifle," from Fr. bagatelle "knicknack, bauble, trinket.  And then, gotta love that alliteration (same beginning sound) in Bagatelle Boxes.  At any rate, we have a fun set of boxes to show you, with a fun name.

Nancy has taken on the challenge of showing what these are for and making the boxes look good, and she has done a wonderful job.  She has a great post over on her blog that shows off some of the different configurations you can make with the Starter Set, as well as giving some great info on how she got her shabby look. Here is her finished project, but be sure to pop over and check out the full post.

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