Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fun & funky mixed media flying heart by Betsy Skagen

Many years ago--before her orange jumpsuit days--I was somewhat of a Martha Stewart wannabe.

Here's one example: I spent days sculpting an elaborate firetruck cake and building a firetruck prop for my son's birthday. Not only was the fire truck big enough to hold six children, it was complete with flashing red lights and horn.

The kid was three.

I could have given him a cardboard box and he would have been happy. Some (like the entire Western Hemisphere) might say perfection was my middle name.

Despite my best intentions some of that perfection still resides in my crafting. I am meticulous in creating the ideal scene. Many projects, like my Valentine Station, involve excruciating details and endless hours of work.

Once in awhile, I remind myself to let loose and shake things up a bit--to let go of perfection and just create for the sheer joy of it. This project was all about having fun and combing different materials into one funky piece.

I love how the different layers, textures and materials all came together.
However, I discovered when writing the tutorial that I might have let loose a little too much....I made this piece shortly before I had some surgery and I made the mistake of not writing the steps down since I was certain I would remember everything. Surgery, prescription narcotics and several weeks rest have lead to a different conclusion. If I miss a small step or two, you will know why.

Begin by covering the non-word pieces of the Flying Heart Wall Hanging with a coat of gesso.
Then cover the heart with red acrylic paint. Don't be afraid to add texture and varying degrees of red.
Give the wings and crown a base coat in colors of your choice. While I like the initial color of these wings, I later changed it to have more contrast with the heart.
After the pieces dry, apply embossing ink and a thick clear embossing powder. Use a heat gun to melt the powder. Repeat this process several times to add depth and dimension.

While the embossing powder is still warm, stamp the heart with a clean decorative rubber stamp. Use different materials, such as a liquid paint pen and micro beads to fill in the stamped areas.

Apply another layer of embossing ink/embossing powder and again heat, being careful not to blow away any glitter or beads.
Next, while the embossing powder is slightly warm, rub gold gilding flakes onto the surface and reheat.

Repeat the embossing steps for the crown and wings. For the wings you can add layers of color with each embossing application. Complete the wings by adding gold embossing powder to the edges.
Wrap colorful wire around a pencil to create two long coils. Attach a button to the end of one of the coils.
Glue the crown on top of the heart and the heart on top of the wings with a strong adhesive. Adhere the button coil to the back. Make a loop with the second coil and also attach it to the back and your Fun & Funky Heart is complete.

Thank you for stopping by the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Blog. I hope you have a fun & funky week! - Betsy

Great Stuff

Flying Heart Wall Hanging
Clear embossing powder
Gold embossing powder
Radiant Gold Gilding Flakes
Micro beads
White paint pen
Acrylic paint assorted colors
Colored wire
Gold button
Beacon Fabri-Tac

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Library of Mister Bartholomew Pendragon

Goodmorrow crafters, Jess here for the final installment of my miniature piece this month! If you'll recall, earlier this months post, I thought it would turn out to be a set, but I loved how it was turning out so much, I just had to glue the bits and bobs into place. It has become "The Library of Mister Bartholomew Pendragon". Let me give you the walk through:

The full Deep Open Front Box, containing the miniature scene.

Stacks of research Mister Bartholomew Pendragon has accumulated on various fantasy creatures.

Specifically, the "Pixie" stack of papers.

Mister Bartholomew Pendragon himself, framed atop his chair.

Scrolls hidden amongst the books.

The stairs leading up to the aging door. He's out exploring and finding new species of creatures he just can't be bothered to repaint the door.

His collection of exotic bats in shadow boxes.

He hopes to one day have a large stack of research on Dragons, as well. For now, this is all he's accumulated.

He's got a special interest in Nymphs. Some say, his wife was once a Nymph in the forests of Hanover, but this is just whispers amongst other explorers.

Ancient scrolls on learning to speak with various faerie species.

The pride of his collection will always be his books.

A closer view of the door.

Candles lead the way of the stairs. Worries of fire hazards tend to not bother him.

Thanks for joining me for this months miniature making - check back next month for more miniatures!

GSLC Materials

Alpha Stamps Materials

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mon Amour Memory Tray

Hello everyone!  February is the month of Mon Amour, and I guess I am still in "Love" mode, so I want to share my GSL Memory Tray Shadowbox using Graphic 45's Mon Amour paper collection.

I always do a dry fit of my chipboard, just to make sure I know how the pieces will fit together. This also helps if you a gluing directional printed papers to the pieces.

NOTE:  This shadowbox uses dovetail joints to join the pieces together for strength.  A dovetail joint is a series of pins cut to extend from the end of one board that interlock with a series of tails, or slots, cut into the end of another board.

First, cut five  2-1/8" wide strips from one sheet of 12x12 paper.  To cover the sides and shelf strips, first cover the side that will need to have the tails, or slots, recut into them.  Never cover the pins or they will not fit into the slots.

Right side that needs the slots cut out

Wrong side that has the slots cut out

Wrap and glue remaining paper over to the opposite side.  Do not recut the slots on this side.  The paper will cover the areas where the pins are inserted into the slots for a clean finish.

This side will be on the outside of the box, so do not cut the slots out.
I fussy cut images from the paper collection and decided where I wanted to place them.  Then I cut background pieces that would complement the images.  Rather than give you minute measurements, I always find it easiest to measure the pieces by laying the paper down and measuring against the chipboard itself.  Mark the spot with a pencil and take the paper to your paper trimmer for best results.

Cover the back of the shadowbox completely, including the pins.  This will cover the "works" when the shelves and sides are glued.  Trim away excess paper.

Glue the shelves and sides together, fitting each piece as you go.

Cut the Hearts Background apart, making the edges uneven, and paint the two pieces with red paint.

Cut and glue small pieces of the print papers to fit behind the open hearts, then glue the Hearts Background sections to the back of the shadowbox, as shown,  I also stamped the solid hearts with a crackle stamp and black archival ink.

Color the Love Heart chipboard with the red paint, then dab gold ink over the piece, concentrating on the word Love. I also treated Kiss Me the same and glued to the front, as shown in the photos.

Glue the Love Heart to the back and add diamond swirls gems to the back, as shown.

Adhere the fussy cut embellishments from the paper collection, using two layers of pop dots to lift the images in each shadowbox section.  I used flowers, charms, jewelry pieces, and anything I could think of that looked good.

I fussy cut the large image of the pretty lady and adhered her to the left side of the shadowbox.  I also painted two wooden barrel shaped pieces with the red paint and a layer of interference gold paint.  Enamel dots were added to the front and back of the barrel pieces.

Here are closeup photos of each section of the shadowbox.

Supplies Used:

GSL Memory Tray Shadowbox
GSL Word Art Romance
GSL Hearts Background
Graphic 45 Mon Amour paper collection
Black card stock
Embellishments:  flowers, leaves, jewelry pieces, charms, fussy cut images, gem swirls
Foam dots

I hope you enjoyed my project today and that you are inspired a bit to make one of these fun and easy shadowboxes from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spool Bird Houses

Hi there!  Cherry here at the Gypsy Soul Laser blog.  Every time I work with these amazing pieces I truly fall in love.  These little Tiny bird houses are just so sweet.  I assembled three of them and paired them with vintage wooden spools.  

 Each one was painted with red chalk paint and distressed and inked.  I then added some pattern papers to the roofs.  Great way to use up those little paper scraps we just can't part with. 

 I wound each spool with twine and added Flower Stackers  to the base of each one.  Little banners were cut and hand-stamped with sweet sentiments and added to the spools with stick pins. 

 I also stacked them and added them to the roof of each bird house.  They were painted with white chalk paint. 

 I also added plates from the  Keys and Plates set.

A few red buttons were added and I was done.  I hope you enjoy!  Hugs, Cherry

:Gypsy Soul Laser Cut Supplies Used: