Sunday, June 24, 2018

Summer Adventure Journals

Hi and thank you for dropping by to visit us today.... I am sharing two new travel journals that I made for my trips this summer.  I used papers and stickers by Echo Park and some of my favorite chippies from the GSLC store to go with it for the inside and front.  There are lots of them with a travel theme like this Discover word and the compass.  Inside I used the camera reels and it came out really cute!

Here is a closeup of the chippies.  I love all the wonderful details in these. They really stand out with the colors in the papers that I chose so I love that.

This journal contains lots of pages and pockets for pictures so on each of the pages I decorated them like this with fun tags and bits of chipboard to carry the theme throughout the book.

And since you get a couple of chippies in the same package I made a book for my sister for her adventures this summer too.  For this one I used a simple paper notebook just to journal so it went together really quick and it was super fun to make.  You can even have  arrows from the GSLC Arrow Shape Set.  There are lots of them to chose from in this set and you can chalk them, or paint them or do anything fun to make them match all the other sweet things you have on your projects.

For this book I used the "Adventure ahead" chipboard sentiment.  I love this one and I like to keep them natural for some things so just add a bit of chalk ink and glue it down... fast and easy!

And here is a supply list and links to the store so you can pick up a few for your projects.
This is a great summer project for kids too so plan an afternoon to make a few and have fun!



Papers by Echo Park
Adhesives by Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L
Photo books: Micheals Hobby store

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A general card for lots of occasions

Hi everyone, Heather here again today with a card that can be used for almost anything. The colours are a bit feminine, but  these could be changed to make it more masculine. Also I have to admit that I forgot to take the pictures of the lovely Gslcuts items that I have used. I just saw the relevant pieces and began putting them together before I remembered that I needed some photos, so just to make life different I am going to list the items that I have used at the beginning rather than the end, then you will be able to see for yourselves what the original items look like.
Gsl items used:
Chicken wire Large (for the background)
Flourished frame Valerie square
10 words
Word elements 1 ssmall
other items used:
ready made flowers
pearl spray
backing paper (from my stash
Prima papers Zephyr paper
Carina Gardner watercolour floral paper"
8" x 8" scalloped greeting card

First of all I decided on the size of card  and chose an 8" x 8" scalloped card. I cut a piece of the floral paper to measure 7 5/8( seven and five eigth inches square), this just fits within the scalloped edge of the card and leaves a small border on the fold of the card, I cut some of the chicken wire to fit diagonally onto the  paper. I used a corner punch to cut two corners on the flowered paper, so that they fitted with the corners on the card

Now I come to the centre piece of my card and I used the flourished frame Valerie square for this

As you can see I covered the frame with white gesso then white paint, I used the Prima Zephyr paper for the back of the frame and as the paper is predominantly yellow I thought that maybe yellow roses would look nice in two corners. The other two corners I used believe and dream from the small word elements 1 and backed both these with the Prima Zephyr paper. When I looked at this again I decided that the yellow roses didn't  look quite right with the  amount of pink that was on the background paper, so I changed the yellow roses and replaced them with pink ones.

I also had a few wire pieces with pearls on the end,and I thought that these would look nice behind the roses, so I pulled out one length of wire which had three pearls on the end and I glued the rose to it, then glued these into two corners I chose the live and laugh from the 10 words in the store to use in the centre of the frame but I had lost the love word, so I used one of my dies and ran it through my cutting machine on a spare piece of chipboard. It didn't cut through completely but it left enough mark for me to fussy cut  it out and use it with the live and laugh in the middle.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Fancy easel card

Today I have tried a fancy fold card to showcase this beautiful Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Floral Lace Panel piece. It's very easy to create this slightly altered easel card. Simply start with a square based card and score the front fold across the diagonal. Layer up with patterned paper. It is important to line the inside of the card as well.

For the chipboard piece, I started with a gesso coat to prime and make the colors pop. Then I sprayed with green paint spray in two shades and heat set. I then added metallic and glitter embossing powder. Finally I added pearls to the design. I kept the design realtively simple to as the show off the lace panel.

To complete the card, I hand cut some floral pieces from matching patterned paper and adorned the top of the card. I made sure to shape the bottom ones, and lift on foam dots so that they would create an anchor to hold up the front of the card. Mesh always adds a soft, delicate touch to floral clusters.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Seasonal tags with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts . . .

Hi Everyone. Coming to you from Nancy-land with seasonal tags.

I love tags and always have some on hand just in case. They're great as cards, on top of gifts or hanging from door knobs.

Did you know Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts makes tags in different sizes? And they're all chipboard so very sturdy no matter what you want to pile on top.  I used three different sizes for the tags shown above.

Spring/Summer Tag:

The Spring/Summer tag begins with the large decorative tags.  They are approximately 6-1/4" tall X 2-5/8" wide.  After covering the main tag with paper, I added an extra layer of decorative paper for height. Then took one of the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Penny Farthing bicycles.

The bike was painted with blue acrylic and, once dried, dusted with gold wax. After popping up the bike on the tag, I added a GSL Cuts butterfly, painted gold.

Next is the Fall tag. 

This one is from the XL tags. There are three tags per order and each has a different top edge. Each tag is 8" tall X 4" wide.

First I covered the tag with some leftover paper. Then scribbled a glue pen around the edge and layered on some foil paper to get a distressed sparkly edge.

I used some Gypsy Soul Laser Cut leaves, both fern fronds and rose leaves.
Both types of leaves were *pounced* with color - direct to paper.

The rose leaves were *splattered* with a Wendy Vecchi stamp and Archival Ink.

Once everything was layered, the Fall Seasonal Tag looked like this:

The smallest tag is created for the Christmas season and is made from the Staggered Tag Collection.

After papering and choosing an image and flower, I added one of the tickets from the Ticket Strips. The ticket was stained with white acrylic and then stamped with a *25* before glittering with Stickles.

Hope you enjoyed my all seasons tags. 

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Thanks for visiting with me.
Nancy Wethington

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Stylish Surprise

I often hear how difficult it can be to create masculine things, whether it's a simple card for a special occasion or even a gift. In our family, June is a month full of celebrations. In addition to Father's day, there are many birthdays, a few of which are masculine. I am always trying to come up with new ideas for the guys, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my stylish surprise. 
I use the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts double explosion box as a base for the project. This set is comprised of five pieces that arrive flat, ready for assembly. 
Each piece has pre-scored lines for ease of assembly. Once I have laid out the pieces, I like to fold along the score lines to get an idea of how the piece will take shape.
As always, the first step in my creative process is to generate ideas and get a feel for the theme I would like my project to follow. Because of the nature of the exploding box, this piece could go in so many directions; it's good to have a solid idea before getting started. The person I plan on giving this to is quite style savvy. I decide it will be fun to use Tim Holtz papers from the Dapper collection that I have in my stash. The next step is to begin thinking about what types of elements will be appropriate for the theme. I envision pockets and plackets, leather and linen, and buttons and zippers. 
Since I am using papers to cover the different faces of the piece, before I begin to glue the flaps of the lids and the smaller inner box portion, I trace an outline of these flattened pieces on the papers I will be using. This will serve as a template and facilitate the process. All of the flat panels are measured and the paper pieces are cut. When creating pieces that have multiple levels, I tend to work one layer at a time. I find this easier to know which papers go where and also to keep it in a manageable format. This project has so many flat planes to be covered and embellished, it could easily become overwhelming. I found it easiest to add the base papers to each tier/level before moving onto the next. Then, once all of the base papers are in place, I add the embellishments, one level at time.
Working my way from the outermost box inwards, I cut the squares that will be adhered to the outside. The squares are all 3 inches. I select coordinating but different patterns for the insides and outsides and a different pattern altogether for the interior base square. Each square is inked along the edges and attached to the chipboard with collage medium and then the piece is set aside to dry. 
While that is drying, I consider the box top. I want this to coordinate with the pattern paper I use on the outside, yet give a glimpse of what is to come. I decide to die cut a floral pattern that will mimic the floral of the sides. I cover the middle flat of the box top with a piece of linen. This will show through the openings where the negative space of the flower is. The paper is trimmed and scored, then adhered to the outer portion of the main box lid.
Before embellishing the large box flaps, I cut the squares for the next tier, ink their edges and adhere them. This second tier can be attached to the first, larger piece; however, I decide not to. Therefore, I cover all sides and panels of each piece. If you want the layers to be attached to each other, the bottommost square of this (inner) tier does not need to be covered. 
While I have all of my papers out, I select the coordinating pieces for the small box that will be located inside both tiers. This small box and its lid are covered in the same manner as the main lid. I trace the outline of the flattened pieces, cut out, score and fold and ink all the edges. I then  use a quick dry glue on the box flaps and secure in place, creating a 3-D box. Once the box form is dry, it is ready to accept the paper covering. Make sure that it fits correctly before gluing onto the chipboard piece into a 3-D form, you may need to make a few adjustments; these are much easier to do while the paper can lay flat. follow the same steps to complete the small box lid. I like to cover the inside of the lids as well as the outside. This is not necessary, I feel it makes for a much better presentation.
Depending on the theme you choose for your double explosion box, there are so many ways to embellish the flaps. Keep in mind that the inner tier, when open, rests on the outer tier flaps. Try not to add anything that could be crushed or alternatively, anything that would be so heavy that it would crush what is underneath. With this in mind, it is a good idea to keep placing the tiers into their respective locations as you go, so that you can easily see how they interact.  Each of my outermost flaps focuses on elements that can be found on an outer garment. 
I emboss a gypsy soul laser cuts zipper (coming soon) and pull with oil rubbed bronze embossing powder. After it is cool, I cut a piece of denim patterned paper to fit the void and adhere it to one of the panels. 
I create a pocket with denim paper trim, then die cut a square of linen with the stitched square die. The decorative edges are painted with faded jeans distress oxide ink. This square is folded like a handkerchief and stuck into the pocket.
Using the base paper, I create a collar element that is trimmed with the denim paper and attached to the top of another interior square. 
Using a stitched ovals die, I cut a piece of faux leather paper and ink around the edges to give it a broken-in feel. This is attached to the last panel to mimic an elbow patch found on a jacket sleeve.
In order to keep the second tier/layer from opening immediately when the main lid is lifted, I sew buttons on two outside corner edges and use a piece of elastic cord on the adjacent flaps to create a fastener that secures around the sewn buttons. I also later add a paper lid (not part of the laser cut set) to prevent the inside from being seen and to add to the "surprise" element when opening the box. 
The inner tier panels of my box focused on the finer details of mens dress shirts. 
I create a diagonal pocket to hold collar stays on one panel. 
Another panel has a "scrap" cut of linen covered by a faux leather piece that rotates on a jeweled "cuff link". This might be the perfect spot for a hidden message to the recipient. 
Another diagonal pocket holds an extra piece of "scrap" linen as well as a button card. 
The last panel of this tier contains a coordinating shield/logo. This may be a nice location to add a monogram for a personalized touch.
The "piece de resistance" is, of course, the inner gift box. I created this box with the thought that it may be used to house special mementos, cufflinks, or perhaps an heirloom pocket watch. 
Here are a few pictures of the pieces when they are stacked inside one another:

Once I decided upon a theme, this "stylish surprise" came to life. Knowing the likes (or dislikes) of the recipient can make such a difference when coming up with creative ideas, regardless of gender. I  have a feeling that this set may need to be a staple among my crafting supplies; I already have ideas for an entirely different theme.
I hope that you can savor each moment, the days pass quickly. 
 Don't forget to make time to explore your creative side.
Thank you so much for stopping by today.

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Used:
Zippers (coming soon)

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