Friday, April 28, 2017

Madam Zorba's Gypsy Table

Hey crafters, welcome back - Jess here to show you another miniature project with GSLC products. This week I'm showing you how to make a platform and a tablecloth to put on the table and chairs set from GSLC.

To begin with, I cut off a piece of pink insulation foam (I get mine from Home Depot). I'm using 1 inch thick foam. Then I glue on 1 inch high balsa wood to cover up the foam. The balsa is super easy to sand down and cut to shape.

I've base painted my table and chairs set black here and fit them on the base to make sure everything will fit alright in the end - looks like we're good to go.

Using the top of the table as an idea - I found a lid and traced it onto a completely dried out baby wipe. You can see here about how much larger you'll need to make the circle compared to the table. Using scissors, cut the circle as neatly as possible.

This is a simple picture for a finicky part. I hot glued the top of the table cloth down - that's easy enough. Then comes a "pinch and fold" technique - I do 4 points first (like a crosshair), and then in between those. So, pinch, fold over and hot glue to hold it.

Then paint the whole top and undercoat black. It takes a while to dry because it sucks up the paint so well.

I added my own colour scheme to the table cloth - a shimmering green, and I dry brushed the chairs with a dark green as well. And I painted the base they sit on with shades of black and grey. Then you just have to add your own decorations to the scene. For mine, I added gypsy decorations, for Madam Zorba - check out the finished project below!

The entire view.

Other side.

Some occult books and a candle set.

A tarot card reading set up.

Ouija board set up and some money that's been made for seances.

Another stack of occult books

Of course more books!

GSLC Materials

The Crafty Goblin Materials

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Black Dragon Treasure Chest

Hi everyone!  Barbara here on the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts blog today.  I love this Treasure Chest, and had so many ideas running through my head.  I finally settled on an oriental theme.

And here is my finished Black Dragon Treasure Chest   I'm on the lookout for some small but really cool feet for it.  Until then it will go without feet, but it still looks pretty good, nonetheless.

This was my inspiration piece:

Black Dragon Treasure Box

1.  Assemble bottom of chest.  Set aside to dry.

bottom of chest pieces

2.  Assemble top.  Adhere glue to center cut out piece only...

top pieces

... and lay border and center cut-out rectangular piece on top of solid piece, using the border to help center the cut out rectangular piece.

Remove border.

Flip top over and put glue on border...

... and adhere to top, as shown.  Set aside to dry.

3.  Turn bottom of chest over and add glue.

Bottom of chest with slightly larger chipboard piece (left)

Center and glue bottom of chest to slightly larger chipboard piece, as shown.  Set aside to dry.

4.  Place box top on box to check fit.

Glue chipboard strips around box bottom and top edges, as shown.  Remove top to make sure the pieces are tight up against the top edge.  Add clips to hold in place, if needed.

5.  While bottom is drying, start painting the lid and two dragons with black chalk  paint.  Paint both sides of the top as well as the two dragons.  Set aside to dry.

6.  Paint box bottom with the black chalk paint, inside and out.  Set aside to dry.

7. Mark the center of two pieces from the Punch Elements Deco set by drawing a pencil line from the points shown in the photo.  Punch hole where the "X" crosses and use that as a template to mark the second piece.  Paint the two pieces with the black chalk paint, as well as the corresponding circles.  Don't punch holes in the circle pieces because they are going to be used behind the elements to level them when we glue them down.

8.  Dry brush all pieces with Cascade chalk paint, or any color that looks like a blue patina. 

Remove most of paint from stencil brush onto paper towel
before dry brushing pieces 

9.  Glue black lace around top and bottom of the box bottom.

10.  Dry brush the lace with Cascade chalk paint, or whatever you used to dry brush your box.

11.  Glue a second circle to the painted one.  Insert butterfly embroidered fabric brad through deco element and add two brass pieces to each side, as shown.

Find the center of the box side and glue the double thick circle to the box.

This will give you a level area to glue the deco element.  You may need to clamp in place while it dries.

12.  Glue two dragons onto top, as shown.  Let pieces dry before handling.  A quick grab tacky glue works well at keeping the dragons upright while drying.

13.  Add more metal embellishments to the sides and top, as shown.  

Supplies Used:

GSL Treasure Chest
GSL Dragons Shape Set
GSL Punch Elements Deco
Chalk Paint (Black, Cascade)
Metal embellishments
Black lace
Butterfly embroidered fabric brad (Paper Studio)
Assorted Brushes
Quick Grab Tacky Glue
Stencil brush
Assorted paint brushes

I hope you enjoyed my project today.  If you see something online that inspires you, why not give it a try to emulate it, as I have done with this Black Dragon inspired chest.  Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts has a huge line of chipboard for you to work with, so go check it out and see what catches your fancy!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and always take time to play!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Mother's Nest by Cherry Nelson

Hi there GSLC peeps...Cherry here today on the blog.
I have a soft sweet Mother's day card for you.
I started with the Hanging Sign Number two laser cut.  I painted it gold and than traced my rose image by using the main part of sign and adhered the image to it.

 I then covered my card stock in my chosen papers.

I added my ribbons and adhered the hanging sign piece to card.

From there I added a rose and stamped sentiment and added a nest from the For the Birds set.

Some fun accents were added like eggs, banners, more flowers, and two more chipboard accents including a Victorian corner two piece and Banner Border strip tucked under my bows.

Here it is complete.  I love the bright colors and natural elements.

This will make a lovely greeting for a Mama this Mother's Day.  Thanks so much for visiting the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Blog. Cherry

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Supplies used: