Thursday, June 6, 2019

Copycat Project . . .


Welcome to the circus known as Nancy-land!

After seeing these projects from a couple of the gals on the Alpha Stamp Team I had to make my own. Both Nichola (on Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts team as well) and Kristin worked with Artist Trading Coins and I wanted to add the Coin Folders.

Beginning with the Coin Folders, I first painted all the gussets with off-white chalk paint. When the paint was dry, I inked over the paint with brown Distress Ink.

Since these little guys only measure 3" X 3", I dug around in my scrap pile and decorated the outside and inside with 3" squares of scraps.

Once they had their first layer of paper,
I glued the pocket seams to the inside.
(see photo above)

The images I used came from an Alpha Stamps Collage Sheet
The collage images are all brightly colored
so I stuck with gray, black and cream for the background papers.

The Artist Trading Coins are 3" diameter discs 
made of heavy chipboard.

I covered those with the same scraps I used for the Folders.

And then the fussy cutting began.
Both sides of the coins as well as the inside & outside of the folders
were covered with the 

Fussy cut around each image and add stickles for highlights.

To close, I used thin clear Velcro fasteners (3/8").

This was such a fun, quick & easy project.
A shout-out to the gals at Alpha Stamps for the inspiration.

I added strips of German scrap paper to the inside top
and the outside gussets.

Hope I inspired you to create your own mini-project
as much as the Alpha Stamp Team inspired me.

This project used the following

Now to add a gift card or cash
to the inside pocket and a gift is ready to go.
(Make these up in advance and the rest is easy!)

I'm off for more collage sheets in other subjects.

Thanks for visiting with me today.
Nancy Wethington

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  1. I’ve always lived vintage circus images and often give gift cards as gifts so this was the perfect project for me to see. What do you call a copy cat of a copy cat project? Pondering!!! Great job thanks for sharing your artistic talents with us!!