Sunday, August 20, 2017

Harvest Fox Fall Greeting Card

Hey there Peeps!  Well despite the fact that I am not ready to give up on summer yet the nights are getting cooler and the trees are taking on their autumnal hues. I created this card with thoughts of brisk walks in the crisp leaves and hot cider and warm doughnuts.

I chose the frame chippie to give a finished border to the fox image.
 Once I decided to alter the frame with antique gold embossing powder I knew it would be the perfect base for the Fall Harvest sentiment. I pulled the chartreuse color from the beautiful leaves in the image and I think it makes a wonderful accent.
Netting and flowers and ribbon and twine create a generous arrangement and helps to bring the fall colors to the outside edge of the card.
I added more of the flowers to the top being careful not to cover too much of the chipboard frame.
Pearly headed stick pins in a warm pumpkin color and coordinating sequins add the perfect not too flashy finishing touch.
I used the Flourished Frame Marie in an antique gold embossing powder finish and the harvest sentiment from the Fall Shapes Set in a rich chartreuse embossing powder finish and heat set them to create a warm and welcoming accent to this Fall-Thanksgiving Card.
Okay that's all for me. Wishing everyone a happy and productive day : ) G

Saturday, August 19, 2017

A True Friend Card by Pam Bray

Happy Saturday Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Fans!!! Pam here today sharing  "A True Friend" Card. I created my card for a good friend using some amazing GSLaser Cuts Chippies!!! True friends are an amazing gift to have in our lives don't you think? I love making special projects to give to my friends so they can feel how much they are loved.

I began by first apply Boss Gloss to the top of the Deco Lattice Panel 2 and one of the labels from the Stackable Labels Shape Set. Apply rust embossing powder to top; heat set.

 Apply Metallic Lustre prepared chipboard pieces.

Adhere pattern paper to top of 6" x 8" Kraft card base.

Adhere prepared Deco Lattice Panel 2  to top of prepared card front. Fussy cut images from pattern paper; add to top of card with pop dots.

Paint 5 Petal Flowers with paint; dry. Do line work with  pen.

Adhere border trim to center of prepared label from the Stackable Labels Shape Set. Add to top of card with pop dots.

Adhere one of the prepared flowers from the 5 Petal Flowers to top of label.

Adhere the other two prepared flowers from the 5 Petal Flowers  to bottom of card front.

Fussy cut postage stamp from pattern paper; add to top of card with pop dots.

I hope you loved my "A True Friend" Card and want to grab yourself  some of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Chippies  to create a special friend or two one. Have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by the Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Blog.  Hugs Pam

Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Supplies

Other Supplies:
Graphic 45 Penny's Paper Dolls Family Collection
Graphic 45 Safari Adventure Patterns and Stripes
DecoArt Media Paint: Green Gold, Yellow Oxide, English Red Oxide, Viridian
DecoArt Metallic Lustre: Brillant Turquoise, White Frost, Radiant Rain
Stampendous Boss Gloss and Rust Encrusted Embossing Powder
6" x 8" Kraft Card Base
.001 Micron Pen
Paint Brush

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Watchmaker's Clock

Hello!! Jennalee here today with a Steampunk inspired clock. When I saw the Desk Clock Kit from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts I knew I wanted to make a clock for my hubby. He loves vintage and steampunk so the gears were an easy choice to go with.

Start by applying two layers of Black gesso or acrylic paint to the fronts and backs of all the chip board pieces.

Cover the Clock Face and Base with scrapbook paper. Adhere paper using Distress Collage Medium or matte medium. I used a piece of paper from Tim Holtz's Dapper paper stash paper pad. The wording was perfect and set the tone for the whole piece. 

 Once Collage Medium is dry apply a generous layer of Distress Crazing Medium. Allow to air dry. Once dry apply accents to the crazing with Distress Ink in Vintage Photo. 

Emboss the numbers using Burnt Copper Leaves. 

Using a strong hold adhesive attach clock support to base and numbers to front of clock. Assemble clock workings. The inner workings of the clock fit perfectly on the support piece. 

Once I had my clock assembled I decided I wanted it to have a larger base. I took a small wooden cradle board I had in my stash and spray painted using a dark brown with light hints of bronze. 

Then came the fun of adding gears and other small steampunk inspired bits. The gears I used are from Tim Holtz's Idea-ology line.The light bulb and other random "thing" are from junking excursions. I attached the gears and bits and bobs with hot glue. 

I don't make masculine projects often, but I really enjoyed this one. And my hubby was thrilled that I made a project for him, for once!! Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today. Happy Creating ~ Jennalee 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A new collaboration from Gina Hubbard and Nancy Wethington . . .

News from Nancy Wethington:

Gina and I are partners on a new endeavor: pre-cut mini-books. Not sure if you know this about Gina but she is a genius - at least in my book. She can figure the dimensions of a new design in a minute (something that completely baffles me) and have it on the laser in no time at all.

She constructs inter-active mini-book pages without even thinking about them. There aren't many people who can do what she does - think in both her right brain and left brain at the same time.

Gina loves constructing the pages to mini-books but not necessarily decorating them. That's where I come in. I love the decorating.

So together we bring you . . . Our first mini-book
Book #1: Fairies

Purchase this in one of two ways:

PDF instructions with photos


pre-cut mini-book pages with PDF instructions.
Pre-cut pages available in either black or kraft cardstock.

Our book #1: Fairies is 
8.5" tall X 6.75" wide with a 3.5" spine.

You supply your own paper and embellishments.

Want to see the inside? Here's a link to the mini-book:

To order either the pre-cut pages

or the PDF instruction sheets only

go here:

This book was decorated with (mostly) 49&Market papers and the following Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts: 

On the cover I used . . .

Next month: Book #2: Botanicals. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Master Detective Curio Cabinet by Sandy Trefger Part Two

Hello again, Sandy here with Part Two of the tutorial on assembling my Master Detective Curio Cabinet with the hidden box on the back that you can see above.  The original kit for the cabinet is on the left and the add on box kit is on the right.  It is 3 inches deep and holds a very good sized folio album.  It is attached with hinges and closed with a metal latch.

In the August 2nd blog post here on Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts, I shared how I put my cabinet together with cardstock structure hinges.  I did find that the added paper made it a bit harder for the doors to swing open and closed and required a bit of sanding in the end and it also added bulk to the cabinet where the drawers go in and out.  On my next one, I will be assembling with just glue and painting the edges black.  You might want to consider that for yours as well.  However, for this next tutorial segment on assembling and adding the box to the back, I did use the structure hinges.

Supplies Used:
  • Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts China Cabinet # B4A
  • Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts Bonus Box for the #B4A China Cabinet - Custom Item, Contact the Store
  • Black 12 x12 Cardstock
  • 12" Trimmer
  • 12" Score Board and Bone Folder
  • Art Glitter Designer Glue (White Glue)
  • 3-in-1 Glue
  • Glossy Accents
  • Black Masking Tape
  • 3/8" Scor-tape
  • Clear Transparency Sheets 
  • Black Ink and Foam Applicator
  • Halloween embellishments
  • Assorted Ribbons-4 to 6 different colors and designs
  • Basic Grey Magnet Snaps, small
  • Metal hinges - 2 small and 2 mediuim
  • Metal Latch - 1
  • Small Brads and Large Brads
  • Eyelets
  • Assorted charms & chains
  • Prima Flower
  • Steampunk bottles and other embellishments
  • Tim Holtz Mini Bottles
  • Assorted Miniature Items
  • Tim Holtz Door Knob (for decorative item inside cabinet)
  • Fall Leaves and Mini Pumpkin Floral Pick

Let's get started!

Step 1:  Layout out your chipboard pieces for the box as shown.  Make sure to use a damp cloth or baby wipe to clean the laser residue from the edges.


Step 2:  Apply glue to the notches of the sides and ends and bring  them up to form the box as shown below.  Allow the glue to dry well.

Step 3:If you are using the black cardstock structure hinges to finish the edges of your box, cut several from 12x12 sheets as shown.They will need to be 12" long x 1" wide, scored on the 1" side at 1/2".  You will measure the box and cut the lengths to fit as needed.

Step 4:  Apply glue or scor-tape to one side of the hinges on each 1/2" section.  And attach a hinge to all the edges as shown on the inside and outside of the box.  If you do not want to use structure hinges and you have assembled/glued the box together well, you can choose to paint all the seams and edges black.

When finished attaching the structure hinges, your box will look like the photo below or all the black hinge areas will be painted black if you went with that option.

Step 5:  Pattern the outside of your box and carefully line it up with the curio cabinet.  Use a ruler and marker to mark the placement holes for your hinges.

Step 6:  Drill or punch the holes that you marked and use Glossy Accents plus brads to attach the  hinges to the box and the cabinet.  Carefully open up the prongs on the inside of both the box and cabinet. Make sure they are tight and use a bit of Glossy Accents to secure if needed.  You will add two hinges on the same side.  Also use a marker to mark the holes for the latch on the other side. Drill or punch holes and attach the same way by adding Glossy Accents and brads.  When looking at the front of the cabinet, I put the hinges on the left side and the latch on the right side.

Step 7:  Once the hinges  and latch are securely on the box and cabinet, you can go ahead and pattern the back of the cabinet and the inside of the box.  If you haven't already, you will also want to pattern the back of the box on the outside.

The curio cabinet with the secret storage compartment is now completed.  When you open it up from the back, you have a 3 inch space to create a custom album to store inside. Make sure that you don't create an album that is too thick as you do want your cabinet and storage box to close up properly.

The photo below shows the curio cabinet with the back opened up and a glimpse of the album I created for Graphic 45 and added to the inside.

Finish up your cabinet by adding decorative elements to the inside such as small bottles, skulls, miniature items, photos, clocks, mirrors, etc.  On the knobs of the doors you can hang chains, padlocks, a sign, metal key and other charms.  On the top, add a junk bow with floral pieces and if desired like mine, a spooky skeleton.

I hope you've enjoyed my two part tutorial to create a unique decorative piece with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts kits. Check back here September 6th for another project from me with a tutorial.  I'd love for you to visit my blog/website for more of my crafty projects at

Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sometimes a pig's gotta fly.............

Hello all, Lora here taking my turn for Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts with this little piggy whose just gotta fly. Having escaped the confines of the balloon, she grew some wings and has taken off into blue skies. Skimming over the trees, enjoying the view, she's a happy little porker!
She is pretty fancy with her necklace of flowers and her glittery wings.

Here is where I began......
 I started off with the new ATC Shrine-Steampunk. (which will be coming soon!)
I dry fit it together using a couple of pieces of tape, working out the order that I needed to assemble it in.
Because the piece is designed with a 'hinge' already, I decided that I would not glue the bottom or the door on until I was finished working on the inside of the shadowbox and both sides of the door.
I gave everything a good coat of gesso and started cutting out my bits and pieces.
Worked with the bottom open. I painted a blue sky and built up a little scene for my pig to fly over.
Whilst things were drying, I painted the door and embellished the front. I mixed a bit of glaze with cobalt blue paint and coated the balloon with it, adding some sparkles. I papered the gears, added gold and brown ink around the edges. A little sparkle on the banner, then glued it on. And added some white dots for detail.
I like adding dots to things.
I glued the bottom and the door on the piece and added a bit of moss (for shrubbery) on the bottom piece. Voila.
A cute and cheerful little box of piggy happiness!
Thank you for stopping by!

ATC Shadowbox-Steampunk (coming soon)

acrylic paint
collage images
Graphic 45 'Olde Curiosity Shoppe 6x6 Scrapbook Paper (for the pig and the gears on the balloon)
florist moss
Stickles Diamond